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Erskine Theological Seminar is pleased to announce the first major restructuring of our Master of Theology degree (Th.M.) since its inception over ten years ago. Our Th.M. program is highly respected and recent Erskine Th.M. alums have been accepted into Ph.D. programs at prestigious institutions such as Westminster Theological Seminary, the Catholic University of America, the University of Aberdeen, the University of Edinburgh, and Union School of Theology (Wales).

Students are required to complete one Area Seminar in their selected field: either theological studies (historical/systematic) or biblical studies. The Th.M. degree requires:

  •   the successful completion of six courses
  •   a thesis and comprehensive examination
  •   demonstration of competence in two languages either by transcript credit or a reading

    comprehension exam.

    Area Seminars are offered every fall and spring in a “book-ends” format. Students will do initial readings and preparation for the first live seminar campus visit, which will occur about four weeks into the semester and last from Monday morning until Wednesday at noon. Students will then engage in research and writing, sharing their work with classmates and the seminary professor in an online environment. This online interaction will continue until late November or early December when students gather for their second live seminar campus visit. At that time they will present the mature results of their research in the second live seminar setting.

    Students need one Area Seminar (this may be taken more than once since the topic changes every year) and three elective courses relevant to the student’s area of research. Students may take Th.M. elective classes in the following ways:

  •   during one-week intensives in January and July from Th.M. electives and D.Min. norms courses (Bible, Theology, Church History)
  •   from upper level M.A. and M.Div. electives
  •   Directed Study courses under the supervision of an Erskine faculty member
  •   Erskine Virtual Campus (EVC) online courses (two of the six courses may be taken


    For Fall 2017, the Area Seminar is ST801 Seminar in Theological/Historical Studies. Professor of Church History, Dr. Dale Johnson, (Ph.D., Georgia State University), is the seminar leader. The focus of the seminar is “English Reformation and Puritanism.” Live Seminar dates are 25-27 September and 27-29 November.

For Spring 2018, Professor Old Testament, Dr. Terry Eves (Ph.D., The Dropsie College of Hebrew and Cognate Learning) will be the seminar leader. Live Seminar dates will be forthcoming. Course Schedules may be found here:

Contact Information:

Dr. Terry Eves, Director of the Th.M. program, 864.379.8864
Dr. R. J. Gore, (Acting) Dean of the Seminary, 864.378.7923
Ms. Robin Broome, Director of Recruitment & Enrollment, 864.379.6571
Ms. LaShelia Wyatt, Financial Aid, 864.379.6653/

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