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Bachelor of Arts/Master of Divinity (BA/MDiv)

Bachelor of Arts / Master of Divinity (BA/MDiv)
Accelerated Ministry Program

Erskine Seminary has developed a partnership program with the College that enables highly motivated students who seek to enter the ministry to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Master of Divinity degree at the Seminary in five years.  The Kern Family Foundation generously funds the program, while academic scholarships for students are also made available. Students who begin as freshmen in the College will need to apply by their sophomore year. Students follow closely a regimented course of study participating in a cohort that will integrate fellowship, academic counsel, and mentoring in ministry (internships) throughout the program.

Learn more about this program and course outlines, as well as mentorship and internship opportunities, in this Accelerated Ministry Program booklet.

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Program Director

Marr, John Paul

Adjunct Professor of Historical Theology
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Admissions Counselor

Program Goals

The Seminary seeks to develop the following in students in this degree program:

  • Concepts. Graduates will interpret the Bible and draw on the church’s theological and historical heritage as they apply the Bible’s message to faith, life, and ministry in contemporary contexts.
  • Calling. Graduates will identify, develop, and use their abilities and spiritual gifts to advance the church’s mission to worship and serve Jesus Christ.
  • Character. Graduates will serve the church with evident Christian character and integrity in their personal and professional lives.
  • Competence. Graduates will serve the church effectively using skills required for ministerial and pastoral roles, especially preaching, teaching, leadership, and pastoral care.
  • Vision. Graduates will develop a biblical vision for ministry and demonstrate humble leadership toward that vision.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Make appropriate use of relevant (a) Bible passages and (b) confessional standards, as they integrate their course material to their (c) ministry contexts. (ST 601-601)
  2. Identify, develop, and use personal abilities, gifts, and gained knowledge to strengthen their church’s worship of and service to Jesus Christ. (PM 705)
  3. Demonstrate growing Christ-like character through writing and the practice of ministry. (PM 502)
  4. Preach and teach the Bible clearly and passionately as to engage the mind and move the heart. Lead competently and care passionately. (WP 550)
  5. Display a biblical vision for ministry and servant-leadership. (PM 507)
Program Requirements
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