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COVID-19 Update:

To our Beloved Students, Faculty, Staff, and Prayer Supporters:

I write to share an update on the Erskine Theological Seminary response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis as it relates to our mission and our day-to-day-activities.

The Seminary is committed to enacting and maintaining safe standards guided by medical science, and in concert with higher education insights from around the country. These measures include temperature checks, face masks, social distancing, and working remotely for many of our at-risk employees. Furthermore, we are committed to our mission to prepare men and women to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ during these
difficult days. ERSKINE ONLINE offers 100% online degree programs at both the masters and doctoral level (fully accredited). We employ best practices to ensure that our online programs meet or exceed our in-person programs.

We have by now all heard of a concern for a second wave of pandemic that could hit during the “traditional flu season.” We expect to continue offering all classes online regardless of a second wave eventuality. While we don’t predict the future, we do prepare for it. Part of that preparation is encouraging each other in the faithfulness of God in all seasons of life.

I want to encourage you in the Lord. Erskine Theological Seminary is a place where we think about theology in the service of others. So, we want to do so in this time. COVID-19 is a part of a fallen world. The consequences of the Fall comes to “the just and the unjust” alike. It is critical for each of us to look to God during these days. The two truths that can support us are these: He is in control; and He is with us. His Word says, “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear nor be dismayed.”

Years ago, I faced a great challenge in my life, as we all do. I composed this song as a way to express my prayers. Sometime later, in 2005, I recorded the song as a gift to my congregation. I offer this to you, now. “He’s in Control” remains our great hope in every area of life, including this time in our lives. I hope you will feel free to listen, to pray, and to share this song with others at no cost. After all is said and done, a theology that affirms the sovereignty of God in all things and at all times remains our single greatest protection against despair in times like these.

May our Lord bless you and keep you by His Promises; and know that I remain

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Michael A. Milton, Provost
Erskine Theological Seminary

Founded in 1837, Erskine Theological Seminary prepares men and women to fulfill the Great Commission through theological higher education that is ecclesial, missional, and confessional (Matthew 28:16-20).
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