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Who We Are

Founded in 1837, Erskine Theological Seminary prepares men and women to fulfill the Great Commission through theological higher education that is ecclesial, missional, and confessional (Matthew 28:16-20).

Grace and Truth

Pastoral Care: The Cure for Souls

Read on in this issue of Grace and Truth to learn how Erskine Theological Seminary is seeking to obey the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
Latest News

Letter to our Students

29 June 2022 Why You Study Theology and Ministry This is my final pastoral letter to our students and inquirers as provost of the Seminary. I remain as a faculty…


Why Good Friday is Good

The Reading of Scripture: On this Good Friday, we seek to answer one of the most fundamental questions about this day. Jesus will provide the answer to the powerful forces…

Letter to our Students for Holy Week

Letter to our Students Michael A. Milton, PhD Provost of Erskine Theological Seminary   Date: March 30, 2021 To our precious students at Erskine Theological Seminary: Isaiah 53:5–6 (ESV): But…

Faith For Living (Podcast)

The Gospel of God

A study from Romans 1.

Chapel Talks (Podcast)

Calling Gospel ministers to listen for God's call to bring Christ to the "troubles" in our nation.

Chapel Talks is a ministry of the D. James Kennedy Institute at Erskine Theological Seminary.

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