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After termination/denial of financial aid, a student may appeal. Appeals for financial aid will be considered only when the following conditions have been met:

• Sufficient credit hours are earned, and
• GPA meets the required level for continuing enrollment, or
• It is established through the financial aid appeals process that the student encountered some type of extenuating circumstance during the semester or term in question that hindered academic performance (i.e., prolonged hospitalization, injury, illness, death of a family member or family crisis).

In order to appeal, the student must submit the following:

• A written letter of explanation detailing the extenuating circumstance for failing to meet SAP requirements submitted to the office of Financial Aid by July 1st
• An explanation of the student’s current situation that will ensure SAP requirements will be met at the next evaluation.
• Supporting documentation of any and all events noted in the letter of explanations, and subsequent documentation if requested after an appeal is filed. Appeals will be reviewed, and the student will be notified by letter or email whether the appeal was approved or denied.

Students who have an appeal approved will be placed on Financial Aid probation for one semester and are eligible for Federal Direct Loans while on probation. Failure to meet SAP requirements at the end of that semester will result in loss of federal financial aid eligibility for the upcoming semester or term. Once minimum SAP requirements have been met, federal financial aid eligibility can be reinstated.

If a student’s appeal is denied, the student will be required to successfully attain minimum SAP requirements using their own financial resources to continue enrollment. Once minimum SAP requirements have been met, aid eligibility can be reinstated.

For more information, contact:
Office of Financial Aid 

Dr. Seth J. Nelson
Dean of the Seminary

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