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Master of Divinity - MDiv - 90 Hours

The MDiv is the professional degree that traditionally prepares graduates to serve in ordained ministry and is required by many denominations for ordination. The MDiv provides a balanced curriculum with courses in biblical studies, theology and church history, and the practice of ministry. The MDiv provides the broadest possible basis for future ministry and further study (e.g., ThM, PhD); the MDiv is ordinarily required for admission to the DMin degree.

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Master of Arts in Christian Counseling - MACC - 60 Hours

The MACC is a professional degree that prepares students to be effective, licensed counselors with a strong Christian worldview who are eligible to work in any public or private institution providing psychological care. The 60-hour program is intended to provide a broad base of scriptural knowledge with an intensive, State-mandated core set of competencies. The program will also include a thesis focusing on a particular issue or set of issues within the Christian counseling sphere. This is a cohort-based program, so admissions are restricted to Fall semesters each year. It is, however, possible to be enrolled in a dual-degree program with any other degree program at Erskine Theological Seminary.

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Master of Arts in Practical Ministry - MAPM - 36 Hours

The MAPM prepares graduates for specialized roles in churches or other ministries. Students ordained in denominations that do not require the MDiv often use the MAPM to enhance their knowledge and ministry skills. The curriculum focuses on courses in the practice of ministry.

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Master of Arts in Theological Studies - MATS - 48 Hours

Erskine offers the MATS degree both online and onsite to deepen graduates understanding of the Bible, theology, and church history. Students pursue the MATS for personal enrichment, to enhance their ministries as leaders and teachers in their churches, or to prepare for further study.

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Master of Theology - ThM - 24 Hours

The ThM provides MDiv and MATS graduates the opportunity to pursue research in biblical and theological studies to enhance their ministries and/or provide a foundation for PhD studies. Students will choose a major area, either biblical studies (Old Testament or New Testament) or theological/historical studies (Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, or Church History). The ThM is excellent preparation for a PhD program and has a more academic focus than the DMin (see ThM Manual for details).

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Doctor of Ministry - DMin - 36 Hours

The DMin provides pastors and other ministry leaders the opportunity for advanced theological reflection on the work of ministry and sharpening ministry skills. The program is designed to develop the students’ capacity for professional leadership in the church and other ministries. The program focuses more on the practice of ministry than does the ThM.

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