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Master of Theology

Master of Theology (ThM)


The Master of Theology (ThM) degree is an advanced, academically oriented, master’s degree that equips students for biblical and theological scholarship and teaching in various educational and ministry contexts. Students often pursue a ThM in preparation for doctoral studies or to enhance their current ministries through deeply exploring one specific area of theological research. This degree builds upon a previous master’s degree, a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or other graduate theological degree providing equivalent academic background. Students choose a focused area of study, either biblical studies (Old Testament or New Testament) or theological/historical studies (systematic theology, historical theology, or Church history), ordinarily culminating in writing a thesis. The degree requires 24 credit hours.

Program Director

Winston, Richard W.

Associate Professor of New Testament
Director of ThM Program

Dr. Richard Winston holds a PhD in New Testament from Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Plymouth, Minnesota). He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and previoulsy…

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ThM Curriculum


  • TH 093 Language Competence
  • TH 095 Language Competence
  • TH 800 Becoming a Christian Scholar
  • TH 806 Comprehensive Exam


  • THM Seminar
  • THM Seminar
  • THM Seminar
  • THM Seminar



  • TH 808 Thesis, Stage I
  • TH 809 Thesis, Stage II
  • TH 086 Continuation of Thesis
Program Requirements
  • Admission
    Applicants must possess a MDiv or another graduate theological degree providing equivalent academic background, from an accredited institution, ordinarily with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. (See “Admissions” for details.)
  • Graduation
    Students must complete 24 semester hours of credit with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. The program may be completed in as little as two years of part-time study. Students must normally complete the program within four years.
  • Transfer
    Students may transfer up to six hours into Erskine’s ThM program from another accredited ThM, DMin, or PhD program. Only courses with grades of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher may be transferred.
  • Continuous Enrollment
    Students in the ThM program must remain continuously enrolled and are required to register each fall and spring without interruption. Otherwise they will automatically be suspended from the program.
  • Thesis
    Working with a faculty advisor, each student normally completes a major research project utilizing the skills, knowledge, and languages gained in the course of the program.

Student Learning Outcomes

In dependence upon the grace of God, Master of Theology (ThM) graduates will be able to:

  1. Interpret the Bible at an advanced level within its canonical and historical contexts and apply the message of the Bible to contemporary life, especially through writing and teaching, while drawing upon the Church’s theological and historical heritage. (Interpretation and Application)
  2. Critically evaluate contemporary issues in the Church and the world with theological acumen. (Theological Evaluation)
  3. Demonstrate love for Jesus Christ and growth in sanctification toward personal, relational, and spiritual maturity appropriate to their vocational callings and ministry contexts, especially as emerging Christian scholars. (Sanctification)
  4. Demonstrate research and writing abilities sufficient to support scholarly research. (Scholarship)
  5. Demonstrate competence in two ancient or modern languages relevant to students’ theses sufficient to support advanced research. (Languages)
  6. Author a thesis which demonstrates original and synthetic research competencies appropriate to a postgraduate degree. (Thesis)
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