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Dr. Daniel Janosik: Erskine Theological Seminary Announces a New Research Professor

Erskine Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the appointment of Doctor Daniel Janosik (Ph.D.) as Research Professor of Apologetics. Since 2021, Dr. Janosik has served as an adjunct professor at Erskine teaching courses in apologetics and evangelism. In his new part-time teaching role as Research Professor, Dr. Janosik will regularly teach at least one course per semester at Erskine Theological Seminary, while concurrently serving as a professor of Islamic Studies at Veritas Seminary and the Assistant Director in its Apologetics and Polemics to Islam MA program. After nearly a fifteen-year career as a high school teacher at two private Christian schools in Norfolk, VA, and Columbia, SC, Dr. Janosik has also served as the Director of Online Education and associate professor of Apologetics and Islamic Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary as well as an adjunct professor at Columbia International University. In the past, he also worked as an online instructional designer with the South Carolina Department of Education.

Dr. Janosik has a B.A. in English Literature from The College of William & Mary, a M.A. in Muslim Studies and a M.Div., both from Columbia International University, and a Ph.D. in Historical Theology from Brunel University and the London School of Theology. His doctoral dissertation examined the Trinitarian views of the Greek Fathers, especially that of John of Damascus, in contrast to the earliest teachings of Islam. Dr. Janosik specializes in classical, presuppositional, and cultural apologetics and Christian apologetical approaches to Islam. He is the author of two books: John of Damascus, First Apologist to the Muslims: The Trinity and Christian Apologetics in the Early Islam Period (2016) and The Guide to Answering Islam: What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam and the Rise of Radical Islam (2019). He is currently working on his third book with co-author Dr. Jay Smith on the historical origins of Islam.

Dean of the Seminary, Dr. Seth J. Nelson, commented on Dr. Janosik’s appointment: “Dr. Janosik has faithfully served for three years as an adjunct professor at Erskine Theological Seminary. Our students have greatly appreciated his courses in foundational and advanced apologetics, cultural apologetics, and Christian witness to Islam. Now as a part-time Research Professor, Daniel will be more permanently attached to our seminary. He adds his expertise in apologetics with a pastoral heart for ministry.”

Erskine’s President, Dr. Steve Adamson also remarked: “The appointment of Dr. Daniel Janosik demonstrates another step forward as Erskine Theological Seminary aims to become the preeminent pastor-shepherd seminary in the Reformed and evangelical tradition. Not only is Dr. Janosik an expert in Christian engagement with Islam, but he is a faithful churchman and has a heart for personal evangelism. Our students will benefit greatly from Daniel’s teaching on how Christians should engage our culture for Christ.”

Dr. Janosik lives in Columbia, SC. He has been a member of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia for 17 years, where he regularly teaches in adult Sunday School. He is married to Ann, and they have one married daughter and three grandchildren. Daniel enjoys researching and writing, landscaping his yard, golfing, and spending time with family.

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