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New 2021-2022 Th.M. Seminar Series: Presbyterian History and Theology: Three Centuries in Three Semesters

[DUE WEST, SC, September 14, 2020—] Erskine Theological Seminary announces a remarkable opportunity for the study of Presbyterian history for the Master of Theology (Th.M.) program. The sessions are scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2021. Please look to our website for more information at

The Provost, chief executive officer of the seminary, Dr. Michael A. Milton, remarked,

“This all-star line-up of pastoral-scholarly teaching represents an important contribution to the study of the Reformed Faith. Indeed, when the Reformed faith is either popularized beyond its roots, or root-bound beyond the populace, something valuable about its contribution to the Church is lost. Our faculty team will present Presbyterianism and the Reformed faith as it developed in Europe, the British Isles, and in America—to recover the heart of the Gospel as the predominant feature of Presbyterianism and the Reformed Faith.”

The series is taught and coordinated by renowned scholar Dr. Duncan Rankin, Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology, and the Director of Th.M. Degree at Erskine Theological Seminary. Noted historian Dr. Dale Johnson, Professor of Church History, will teach on 16th century Scottish Reformation with Dr. Mark Ross, Professor of Systematic Theology and First Presbyterian Church – John R. de Witt Professor of Systematic Theology, teaching 17th century Reformation. Rounding out the 18th century is a new pastor-scholar, The Rev. Dr. John Paul Marr, Associate Professor of Divinity (elect), and Associate Dean of the Seminary, teaching the Gospel for all.

“We welcome all to join in these outstanding lectures. Whether you are looking for credit for another school, or you want to test the waters of Erskine Theological Seminary’s growing ThM program, we warmly welcome you to this incredible series.”

Courses are graduate-level, worth three-credit hours, and may be used in a degree program, or for personal enrichment. Register today with Miss Robin Broome at 864-379-6571 or email her at


Founded in 1837, Erskine Theological Seminary prepares men and women to fulfill the Great Commission through theological higher education that is ecclesial, missional, and confessional (Matthew 28:16-20). For more information visit our website at

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