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New Book by Dr. Michael A. Milton Exposes Crisis in Ethics and Proposes a Way Forward with “Mother’s Knee Ethics:”

[Due West, SC, 11/6/2019–] How do educators, clergy, attorneys, and the concerned public come to terms with meaningful, workable ethics in an age that eschews any attempt to define truth and error? A new carefully researched work by Dr. Michael A. Milton addresses these essential concerns.

Dr. Michael A. Milton draws on English literature, sociology, history, public policy, and theology to mark milestones in the cultural journey from the philosophical crisis after World War I, the end of modernity, and the introduction of the “theater of the absurd” in post-modernity. Rather than merely a survey, this monograph proposes a “way forward” in teaching metaphysical ethics.

Originally given as a paper before American and British defense leaders in Washington, DC, Milton’s original paper is now expanded for use in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate classrooms, as well as libraries and professional military education. Wipf and Stock Publishers of Eugene, Oregon is publishing this academic monograph as part of their continuing engagement with ethical issues in Church and Society. Chaplain (Brigadier General) Doug Lee, the Executive Director of Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, offered a summary of Milton’s new work:

“Dr. Michael Milton offers a thoughtful, historical, and logical solution for some major challenges of the twenty-first-century military: suicides are increasing, PTSD is wanton, and modern ‘philosophies’ are not helping battle-scarred warriors. His proposal to return to a ‘transcendent ethic’ is convincingly ‘on target.’”

Noted ethicist, theologian, and philosopher, Dr. John Frame, endorsed Milton’s work by adding, “From Flanders Fields to the Moviegoer is a history of philosophical ethics between the world wars and down to the present. It focuses on the teaching of ethics in the military, with which Milton is especially familiar. I learned much from his descriptions and evaluations. I hope this book gains a broad readership.”

Dr. Scott Manor, President, and Professor of Historical Theology, Knox Seminary, also commented: “In the end, Milton has successfully pulled from his entire, distinguished career in the academy, church, and military to provide a concise but profound framework to answer the deep ethical questions facing today’s military service members—a bright ray of hope for those facing the dark challenges and memories of war.”

As an author, Milton has penned over thirty books, including Silent No More: Why the Church Must Speak Biblically to State and Culture. Receiving acclaim from conservative voices such as Michael Reagan, Franklin Graham, and David Limbaugh, Milton’s commentaries on faith and culture have been published nationally and internationally by numerous online and print publications.

Michael A. Milton is the Provost and James H. Ragsdale Chair of Missions and Evangelism at Erskine Theological Seminary. The former Chancellor-President of Reformed Seminary, Milton is an ordained Presbyterian minister (PCA, ARP) and served as senior minister of the historic First Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, and planted three churches in Kansas, Georgia, and North Carolina, as well as founded a preparatory academy in the Kansas City area. Milton is a retired chaplain (colonel) in the US Army after thirty-two years of service. Among other duties, Milton educated military officers in ethics at the Army Chaplain School. Milton’s final military assignment was an appointment as the senior command chaplain of US Military Intelligence (Army Reserve), overseeing a global reach of chaplains and their teams ministering to Army Intelligence assets.

Dr. Milton lives in North Carolina with his wife, Mae, and their son, John Michael, the youngest of eight children. Their seven adult children are all married and settled throughout the East Coast and Deep South. Further information about Dr. Milton is available at

Dr. Milton has declined any royalties from the sale of his works through Erskine. Any orders through Erskine Seminary support the mission of the school.

[The book is available through all bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but the publisher maintains a page with a media kit:]

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