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Students to Receive a Logos Academic and Pastoral Library at no cost

The tools of a carpenter include the hammer and the level. A pastor’s tools are a curated and well-stocked library. Yet, most pastors enter the ministry without the resources they need for study and growth. That is no longer the case for students at Erskine Theological Seminary.

Beginning in Fall 2020 students at Erskine Theological Seminary will receive a foundational academic and pastoral library of 68 works, valued at over $4,000. The Logos Academic and Pastoral Essentials library will be presented to every Erskine Seminary student in every program. The partnership between Erskine Theological Seminary and Logos Bible Software is being made possible by the D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership.

The D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership is a program of the 501(c)(3) North Carolina nonprofit corporation, Faith for Living, Inc., and a ministry of Erskine Theological Seminary. The “Institute” is named after the noted Presbyterian minister, the Reverend Dr. D. James Kennedy (1930–2007). In 2013, the surviving family members of Dr. Kennedy asked Dr. Milton, a former student and intern under Dr. Kennedy, to assume the presidency of an organization that would “shepherd the shepherds who will shepherd the flock” (future pastors, teachers, and missionaries). The D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership makes its’ home on the historic campus of Erskine Theological Seminary to promote scholarly research in pastoral ministry, and theology in the service of the Church. Learn more at

The Provost of the Seminary, Dr. Michael A. Milton, commented on this new initiative for students:

“We are committed to providing our theological students with the resources they will need to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as shepherds of the flock. While we don’t think a pastoral library guarantees success, we do know, for a fact, that a carefully curated academic-pastoral library provides pastor-scholars with an essential tool to go deeper in their study of God’s inerrant and infallible Word. Erskine Theological Seminary is committed to equipping Christian shepherds with the resources they need to feed the flock of Christ on Word, Sacrament, and Prayer. This Logos pastoral library is one important new expression of that commitment.”

For more information, contact:
John Michael Milton, Associate Director of Online Learning
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