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David Livingstone Institute

David Livingstone Institute for Christianity, Medicine and the Sciences

Brownlee, Noel A.

Distinguished Professor of Medical Ethics, Director of the David Livingstone Institute for Christianity, Medicine, and the Sciences
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David Livingstone was 27 years old when he sailed from Scotland to South Africa as a Christian missionary in 1840. He spent much of the next 33 years traveling in the African interior, eventually becoming as famous for his explorations as for his missionary work.

Erskine Theological Seminary (ETS) through its “David Livingstone Institute for Christianity, Medicine, and the Sciences” now offers three (3) Graduate Certificate programs.

These certificate programs are open to any and all medical and scientific professionals, including:

–          Public and private school educators
–          College faculty
–          Engineers of all types
–          Scientific researchers
–          Ordained ministers and interested church lay leaders
–          Nurses, physician assistants, physicians, allied health professionals
–          Graduate students in a variety of areas

Students may also attend the lecture portions of these courses as auditors and may receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attending the lectures. Those who choose to take these courses for Graduate (Master’s level) credit will attend lectures and do the required readings and research as stipulated in the various course syllabi.

Degree Objectives

There are four (4) graduate courses in each certificate, each providing three (3) semester hours of credit. These Graduate Certificates may be rolled into a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.) degree (48 semester hours required) and the degree may be taken at any of Erskine’s locations, or entirely online.

12 Credit Hours

Normally, tuition is $480.00 per credit hour. Students who enroll in one of the Graduate Certificates may take a course for the reduced price of $800.00 per course. Auditors, or students desiring to receive CEUs, may attend at the catalog rate of $225.00. Students who take two courses in a term are eligible for financial aid.

Program Overview

See the current Academic Catalog for course listings and requirements.

  • PM 502 Christian Vocation and Transformation
  • ST 780 Apologetics and World Religions
  • ET 711 Christian Ethics (or, other Ethics elective)
  • HT 712 Christian Thought and Modern Science
  • ST 780 Apologetics and World Religions
  • ST 785 Evidences or DN 983 The Problem of Pain
  • DN 985 Advanced Apologetics
  • HT 712 Christian Faith and Modern Science
  • ET 711 Christian Ethics
  • HT 712 Christian Thought and Modern Science or DN 983 The Problem of Pain
  • ET 750 Medical Ethics
  • ET 755 Bioethics
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