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Reiter, David crop
Reiter, David D.

Adjunct Professor of Apologetics

Education and Credentials
  • PhD (philosophy), University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • MAR (theological studies), Westminster Theological Seminary
Recent Publications
  • “’Behold, It Is Cast Into the Fire for Fuel’ – Jonathan Edwards on the Usefulness of the Wicked,” Philosophical Approach to the Devil and Related Ideas. Routledge, 2016.
  • “’Marquis’ Rejection of the Conception Thesis About Human Beings,” presentation at South Carolina Society of Philosophy annual meeting, 2016.
  • “Does Calvinism Undermine Divine Aseity?” presentation at Southeastern Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, 2014.
  • “The Modal Transcendental Argument for God’s Existence,” The Confessional Presbyterian 7, 2011.
Experience and Ministry
  • Elected officer, Evangelical Philosophical Society Southeast
  • Referee, Christian Scholars Review (journal)
  • Extensive teaching
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